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A bit about me…

Hello, my name is Cat Moyle and since 2011 I have lived in Malta, moving from London to the Mediterranean for the best of all reasons, love!

I am a fierce believer in you and your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you. I am committed to sharing what I learn that might help you remember that via one to one holistic therapeutic sessions to long weekend light hearted retreats (with the awesome Lisa Hladnik) via online writings, group workshops and trainings and written advice and guides.

Above all I ground my work in the modern world, with all it’s busyness, pressure, awesomeness and opportunities.  I enjoyed the live-fast-work-hard-cram-it-all-in-busy-bee lifestyle for many years before becoming a therapist and like to think I bring all that experience to the heart and soul of my work.

I’m a huge advocate of clear communication so I try to bust through some of the vague, ethereal language associated with this kind of work and talk to you straight, in common parlance about what I have learned about health and wellbeing during my 15 years as a therapist, workshop leader and trainer and 40 plus years as a human on this planet.

For those that like letters and qualifications… I’m a Certified Amanae Practitioner (Amanae – Europe), a qualified holistic massage therapist (ITEC), I hold a Diploma in Reflexology, am a level 3 reiki practitioner and many moons ago I got a Bachelors Degree in Health (BSc Hons)

I was first inspired to train in holistic therapies during a trip round Asia in my twenties. Halfway into an amazing reflexology treatment in Thailand, the penny dropped, that honouring yourself with a bit of chill out time, regardless of your schedule, not only helps keep things in perspective, but is good for you, your body, your soul and all the undefineable bits in between.

So, in addition to tuning in to Reiki with Mari at Wise Choices in 2001, I embarked on a Diploma in Reflexology, with Energy Works, in 2003 and qualified in 2004 followed by lots of courses to maintain my skills whilst undertaking continuing professional development*.

At the same time, I worked full time in the UK health sector and local government where I picked up lots of useful skills in training, research, writing, managing people, coaching, mentoring, talking, listening, presenting and juggling.  In 2011 I moved to Malta, I undertook an Introduction to NLP (in London) and in 2012 I qualified in Holistic Massage with ITEC. In 2017 I completed a four year training in an incredible emotional release technique called Amanae in which I am now a Certified Practitioner and which I offer alongside the other therapies.

In 2015 I launched Pause // Play // Escapes. A unique offering for busy folks who want an island holiday that tips the nod to their health but doesn’t take up precious exploration time. A getaway that genuinely leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged. A modern, laid back escape aimed at people like I used to be, immersed in the buzz of city life and all that demands, but curious about finding a better balance between fast and slow.

So… with all that, a combination of therapeutic experience, corporate experience, life experience and enthusiasm help me to provide a top quality, holistic service to you, your family, your group or your company.  I really hope you enjoy your experience of the holistic therapies, workshops, escapes or workplace based services  provided by Butterfly Therapies, whatever form they take… feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading.

Cat Moyle (ITEC, BSc) x

* additional short courses taken include: Colour reflexology (the link to the chakras); Neurological foot reflexology/Praxis Vertebralis; Male and female infertility, Reflexology and the Meridiens, Reflexology in relation to the meridians and the five elements, Indian Head Massage, Principles of Aromatherapy, Principles of Ayurveda, Foot Reading, Sport and Remedial Massage techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques. 

If you have asked me to write for you or need a biography of mine for any reason, feel free to use the following:

Short Biography Cat Moyle

Cat Moyle is many things but a guru ain’t one of them. She is an Holistic Therapist, Yogi, Novice Meditator, Avid Sharer, Altruist, Optimist, Prolific Swearer, Dancefloor Demon, Freak Flag Flyer, Massive fan of sounds and the sea.

She is a fierce believer in you and your ability to deal with whatever life throws at you. She is committed to sharing what she learns that might help you remember that via one to one holistic bodywork sessions, long weekend light hearted retreats (a.k.a. Pause // Play // Escapes with the awesome Lisa Hladnik) online writings, workshops, conversations and (coming soon) videos.

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