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Amanae : The Course that Never Ends

Amanae : The Course that Never Ends

“Honestly, I don’t know any training course for a profession that asks for this level of commitment, motivation, guts and balls to show up for yourself and love and compassion for the inner darkness and light like Amanae”

Cas Gebbink – Amanae Practitioner, Netherlands

So yeah, it would have been great to know THAT before I embarked on what I now call ‘the course that never ends’!!

Wayyyyyy back in April 2013 I sent an email to a therapy school expressing my interest in dipping my toe in the water and learning more about Amanae.  10 years before that email was sent I was introduced to the therapy through a friend and immediately knew that some very important seeds had been planted. During and after the session (Step 1) I had a very clear sense that this work was extremely important, deeply touching and somehow, an essential part of what I was supposed to be doing.

So technically speaking, I began ‘learning amanae’ 13 years ago…

Fast forward again to 2013 and I started talking to the head of the school Eric Lipin to explain that whilst it would clearly be IMPOSSIBLE for me to complete the whole training (14 trips to Belgium and back, substantial investment not to mention flight expenses and blah blah blahhhh), I did feel a call to at least start the modules.

The opportunity to join the a one day workshop and the heart opening module presented itself in November 2013 and with the incredible, unwavering support of my favourite human being Leo and a surprise gift from a wonderful friend I signed up (Step 2).

At that first gathering I met some incredible people – open minded, open hearted, wild, honest and brave. All approaching the work of amanae with everything they had. I realised then that I would find a way to finish all the modules. (Step 3).

Over the following 4 years, learning and receiving amanae I would: learn some profound truths about myself; be reminded of some particular patterns that maybe I will work on forever; see sides of myself that I used to love crumble away; access memories so old they may not even have been from this life; be reminded that everything changes and nothing is constant; feel the fear and do it anyway; try to hide under a towel; contemplate leaving mid module and sacking off the whole course; feel like I wasn’t learning anything; cry so much that I thought the tears would never end; sing songs that I never knew I knew; laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh; be angry, fiercely fiercely angry and enraged; kick the shit out of Erics kick cushion; feel sick and broken for weeks; try so badly to control everything that I exhausted myself (see patterns that I maybe will work on forever); feel high as a kite; spout the hippiest sounding phrases I have ever uttered and not care one jot; learn that reaching out is always worth it; make deep deep connections with incredible people; be vulnerable, honest, brave and scared and feel the most profound love for myself and those around me and so many more things.

I would write pages and pages in my journal and feel the world so differently after each module. And I would feel my work as a bodyworker change dramatically.

And now, here I am having just completed the last module (a series of beautifully deep chest and heart opening techniques). And ohhhh so many happenings from start to end. I received my certificate of attendance together with my amanae brother Kim, with whom I have attended all the modules and who, amongst being an amazing husband to the equally awesome Charlotte, becoming an amazing father to Leyati and teaching me all kinds of useful chi tricks, has built and is now running a holistic centre just outside Gent:)

And at the moment we received our certificates I had A BIG FAT realisation that the END is not actually the END.  Whilst the completer / finisher in me is still spitting chips about this but I am ignoring her for a greater truth…

That there really is never an end…

We keep learning, unlearning, relearning, we keep trying to make better mistakes, we keep evolving, we keep unfolding, we keep opening and we do it because we can’t not do it.

Much love,

Cat Moyle

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

+356 9964 6166

For those interested in an amanae session, read this and get in touch.

For those interested in diving deeper, I am offering a workshop with my teacher (and now good friend) Eric this summer and there is one space left as of May 11th 2017.

Check out the details here…  and get in touch if you feel called.

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