Top 12 Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 3 – Food, Glorious Food

Top 12 Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 3 – Food, Glorious Food

Hi there, welcome to part three of the tips for a healthier life blog series.

Part 1 and 2 of this series were about moving the body and keeping it hydrated but we’d have no get up and go, were it not for food, glorious food.

Yep, these bodies need fuel to move them, keep the insides working and ensure we don’t get too overloaded with things our bodies can’t process. There are lots of very qualified technical nutritionists who can advise on a molecular level what vitamins, minerals, super foods and substances to consume in what quantities and at what times for your optimal health. Those guys are amazing (particularly this woman) and I bow down to their technical expertise. Similarly I could (and may well) write a whole series dedicated to this very subject. But for this article, lets stick to a simple set of dos and don’ts…

  • Try to eat more foods in their natural state. Processed foods contain hidden ingredients and it’s harder to know what we are consuming and, therefore, if it’s doing us any good
  • Be mindful of how many ‘acidic’ foods you eat. Alkaline foods are (in general) easier to process so you are giving the body an easier time of it by reducing acidic food intake. A quick google will give you lists (some of which contradict each other so take ‘em with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt) of which foods are more alkaline and which more acidic.
  • Watch the stimulant/depressant intake. Drugs, Cigarettes, Sugar, Caffeine and Alcohol create dramatic reactions in the body, so for keeping balance these might be best taken in moderation or avoided altogether
  • Don’t overdo the protein (work toward a 80% fruit and veg and 20% protein and fats balance) and try not to combine animal and veg protein in the same meal.
  • Stop eating when you feel 80% full and wait to see if you still feel like you need food after that, we often mistake hunger for just not feeling really full so get used to not ‘stuffing’ yourself.
  • Eat mindfully. Slow down the way you eat, pick somewhere relaxing to eat, chew more, switch off your mobile phone/ipad/TV and pay attention to what you are doing.

Remember, every body is different and whilst there are some general rules around good nutrition, what works for you, might not work for your neighbour. For example,  some bodies thrive from a diet that includes meat and fish and some bodies really suffer if they eat this way, similarly a raw food diet isn’t for everyone and so on.  So my last tip is:

  • Really observe how your body reacts to certain foods and if its not a good response (nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, overheating, sleeplessness, excessive gas, bad skin, headaches etc etc) it can tell you that this food is not so good for you.

Hope that helps, join me soon where we go to the Brain and Beyond…for Part 4 of our top 12 tips.

With love,

Cat Moyle

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

Top 12 Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 2 – Drink and Be Merry

Top 12 Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 2 – Drink and Be Merry

Welcome to part 2 of my top 12 tips for a healthier life.

I dedicate this series of posts to each and every client who has posed that oft asked question…

“So what is the best thing I can do for my health/wellbeing?”

Part 1 was all about the movement of the body. This goes hand in hand with part 2… Drink and be merry. Hold up, this is not carte blanche to raid the sherry… I meant

Hydrate Well for Health and Happiness

We all know the advice about drinking plenty of water and some of us even manage it, but if we aren’t properly hydrated we are hindering our health by:

  • Affecting how we break down food in the stomach (the mucus lining of the stomach needs water)
  • Putting strain on the organs of the body that help us get rid of waste (the less hydrated we are the harder it is to poo)
  • Forcing the heart to work harder to pump the blood round the body (dehydration affects the viscosity of the blood)
  • Causing us to overeat (dehydration creates fake hunger pangs that are best combatted with water, not food)

So get 2 – 3 litres a day in you and make sure it’s good quality water, filtered or bottled and avoid refilling plastic bottles (reusing glass is less dreadful for us and the planet) and be prepared for what that does to the body… we should be drinking enough to pee about 8 times per day.

“But I don’t like the taste of water’, you moan… good job I’ve got some recipes for spicing it up then eh?

Water Recipes…

  1. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into water first thing in the morning for a vitamin fuelled, awesomely alkaline, liver & kidney cleansing start to the day.
  2. Try a few sprigs of mint in your water if you are hot hot hot.
  3. Cucumber slices can give a nice flavour too.
  4. A few frozen (organic preferably) berries in the bottom of the glass can gently flavour your water as they defrost.

What’s your favourite way to hydrate? Let me know in the comments below and see you soon for Part 3.

With love Cat Moyle

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

PS – With huge thanks again to for their awesome images :) I hope you enjoy the donation I made to your coffee fund, remember to drink some water too xx

Top 12 Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 1 – Move Your Body

Top 12 Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 1 – Move Your Body

The last few weeks have found me meeting and greeting a new wave of clients as migratory patterns back to the rock and post summer/kids back at school enthusiasm has sparked a number of you to kick start health related activity such as regular massage.

One question that often pops up from new clients is…

“So what is the best thing I can do for my health/wellbeing?”

My response will depend on where that person is in their health story but draws on a range of ideas from our modern understanding of the body; ancient wisdom and all things in between.

Here is PART 1 of my latest thinking…

1: Move Your Body

This is always one of the first ones I mention.

The stiffness and stuckness that comes with not moving enough of your body, in a range of ways, often, is detrimental to your health on many levels.

Movement is :

  • Good for the heart;
  • Encourages the functioning of your internal organs;
  • Moves fluids around your body carrying oxygen and nutrients for repair;
  • Stretches your skin, fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons;
  • Lubricates joints;
  • Boosts your immune system;
  • Helps us eliminate waste;
  • Releases feel good hormones that shift your mood;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • Improves metabolism and levels of cholesterol and triglycerides;
  • Can help reduce the risk of diabetes and the risk of certain cancers;
  • Can help you maintain a healthy weight.

It’s a no brainer really. You gotta move that body. BUT we already knew that right?

New News

What’s relatively new in the world of research is that even if you exercise regularly, if you then spend hours sitting / sedentary, you are not doing as much as you could to reduce the risks of ill health. The research suggests little and often movement for ‘sitters’ is as vital as a few hours in the gym a week.

  • Get up every hour
  • Walk around the office
  • Sit on a fit ball instead of a chair
  • Get a standing desk

These are all good ways to ‘move the body’ whilst being a diligent desk bunny.

Watch this blog for my posts on different ways to get moving, curious now? Start with this one.

See you soon.

Cat Moyle x

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

PS thanks again to for images 🙂

Moving House (Part 2) – Life Lessons #5

Moving House (Part 2) – Life Lessons #5

A recent house move (number 30 in 20 years) Inspired this 2 part blog post about what the whole process can teach us. If you haven’t already, check in with part 1 and read on…

4)  Salute Major Change and Corporal Chaos

Lets face it, there is a reason that moving house ranks so highly in the stressful life events chart. It’s not just about carrying boxes or putting old clothes in new drawers, there’s a major change happening.

You are moving on from one set of life happenings and although you are doing this every year, every week and even every moment, house moves (along with birthdays, new year etc) bring this home (excuse the pun) more acutely.

You may (if you follow the advice in part 1) be letting go of old possessions and whilst this is a good thing, it’s still a change to be acknowledged.

Your routines (getting to work, doing the laundry in a different way, taking the tea cups from the cupboard) are all new and our automated habits have to be relearned. How many of you moved house and suddenly found yourself on a road back to your old house or opening a cupboard where the mugs would have been in your old place had you still lived there… Thankfully, we are adaptable beings and can quickly learn new habits and the great thing about moving is that is shakes our automatic behaviours up a bit. So that’s good, but its also a change to be aware of.  It’s interesting to observe how making these new habits makes you feel to learn how you handle change… in home and life.

And in the middle of all that change there is the limbo land of mid move and the chaos it can bring…

5)  Let it be stressful

There may be a moment, mid move… surrounded by boxes, dust, old/new, change, memories, emotions, no tea pot lid etc etc where it might feel a bit much. I’m not ashamed to admit that I sat amongst the dust in our new place and wept as the whole thing seemed never ending. Fed up with moving, no longer full of energy about the whole thing and a million miles from being playful about the process, I cried real sobbing, snotty tears. For about 10 minutes. Hopeless self pity washed over me and I really felt like everything was impossible. And this is a good thing…

Why? Because it lets the feeling move through you so you can get over it (quicker) and move on. So if you have that moment… a) acknowledge how you are feeling b) give it a word/phrase c) be compassionate with yourself that you feel that way and d) feel the wave of emotion pass through you.

I am definitely not saying be a drama king or queen with tantrums and demands that everyone else sort you out, nor am I saying wallow for days in self pity at how you can’t fit your vast shoe collection in the new shoe cabinet (this was not why I wept but if that’s your tipping point then let it be), I am just saying be with the emotions that come up just like in an amanae therapy session.

And finally, the wisest words of all come from a friend and very excellent yoga teacher.

6)  Know that home is from head to toe (and a bit beyond)

One of the reasons moving can be stressful is the changes it throws at us all in one go and the energetic impact it has on how safe/secure/stable we feel (all illusions but sometimes helpful ones). Moving, and the energy we use to do it, can wobble our root chakra and make us feel all kinds of ungrounded. We are literally uprooting ourselves. So try this to reconnect you to your only real home (in this lifetime at least).

The ‘this house move malarky is all getting a bit much’ meditation.

Sit (amidst the boxes if need be)

Close your eyes

Place your hands at the front of your hips/top of your thighs

Take a few deep breaths all the way out first, then all the way in

Then as you breathe in, imagine your breath is the colour red

Follow the red breath as it travels down your body into you hips

Let the breath ‘meet’ your hands and observe how the area under your hands feels

Breathe out

Breathe in red again, down to your hands, picture that red breath spreading through your pelvis

Watch as the red breath fills the diamond shaped area between your sitting bones (tops of legs at the back), tail bone (bottom of spine) and pubic bone (front of pelvis)

Breathe out

Breathe in red again down to the diamond shape between the sitting bones, tail bone and pubic bone, then watch the red travel down your legs into your feet.

Breathe out

Breathe in red again, down to the diamond and watch the red breath float up through your torso into your heart

Breathe out

Breathe in red, down to the diamond and then scoop the breath up into your head

Breathe out

Breathe in

Follow the red breath down to your diamond, and watch as, from there it fills your entire body down to your toes, up to your torso, into your heart, down your arms and finally up into your head

Breathe out

Breathe in, feeling your whole body full of the strength and power of your root chakra, the strong red colour that keeps you connected to the earth and the sense that your whole body feels safe and secure and supported

Know that this is your real home.

Breathe out and in here for as long as you want

When you are done, carefully open your eyes, stretch and carry on with packing/unpacking/making the tea observing how you now feel in your body…

I hope you find this useful.

I will be posting more about being in your experiences and keeping connected to your body soon so watch this space and if you are moving house and need some time out, you know where I am.

With love


Making the First Move: Getting Primitive

Making the First Move: Getting Primitive
Welcome to the Move Your Body Blog Post Series

High up the list in my top 10 things to do for your health is… Move Your Body. So time to take my own good advice and Move My Body for the Butterfly Therapies Blog.

But rather than bore you all with the usual ‘get lycra’d up, get running, feel awesome’, exercise posts people usually write, I want to share with you something a little deeper, so this series will bring you a range of interesting, exciting and unusual activities that not only move your body but work to shake you up on other levels too

So my first Move Your Body post shares with you the awesomeness of rising with the sun, going primitive and hunting down your inner chicken.

Move Your Body Series # 1: Get Primitive
  1. How did I move my body?

On the morning in question, actually before sunrise, I find myself up, dressed and preparing a light breakfast* I had been invited to a Primal Flow Personal Training Session with the excellently fit Pam Borg (If anyone is gonna get me up at that time I want someone who looks like they practice what they preach and Pam is exactly that.)

I meet Pam about 90 minutes after my breakfast (time to digest please) at the lovely Palace Hotel gym and she starts me with a gentle warm up on the rowing machine. 5 minutes later I am indeed warm and rosy cheeked so we move onto some stretches, which Pam describes as giving yourself a little massage… awwww.

Then it’s primal time. Based on our primitive movements and in line with the functional training model, the primal flow session finds me crouching, stretching, squatting, reaching. It includes plenty of core work and some moves that remind me of yoga. The flow element is in the creative way Pam links different moves together (her dance background evident in the choreography) to build the intensity. So we start off doing one move (move A) for a few seconds, then pause. Then she adds another move (move B) so we do moves A and B a few times over then pause, then she adds move C and so on until 4 of 5 different moves are linked together and repeated to raise your heart-rate and work your whole body. We work through several different series of moves throughout the session and then finish with some lovely stretches.

  1. In a nutshell?

The result is an hour of cardio, core, strength and stretching work which flies by as you focus on learning and adding in each new move. What helps is that Pam is great at explaining and demonstrating the moves, gently correcting alignment and calling out encouraging words when I look like I want to give up. I’m impressed by how much fun it is but also by how hard I worked (yes I felt it the next morning) without feeling like I had done an arduous (and dull) hour long treadmill run.

  1. Three Awesome things about my session
  • Mind-Body Workout: Primal flow is a great all-body cardio workout that engages your brain and co-ordination so you don’t realise how hard you are working. Fuelling both the mind and body left me feeling sharp and focused all day.
  • Fast and Fascinating: the variety of moves and Pam’s energy to keep things moving along meant there wasn’t a moment of mid-workout boredom. If you are an easily bored exerciser, primal flow is perfect.
  • Better Than Coffee: Morning exercise is way better than coffee for waking you up. I am not my finest in the morning. The snooze button is a little worn down from overuse and each day there is a battle of wills that takes place between me and my ‘just 5 more minutes’ demon. But all day after the morning training I was full of energy AND found it easier to get up the next morning. There are also a myriad other benefits to morning exercise more of which we will explore in future Move Your Body posts.
  1. Important things to note

Pam starts evening Primal Flow classes this week. For more info go here.

Morning PT sessions can be arranged with Pam: see here or by calling +356 9924 7118

*Pre workout breakfast consisted of some carbs for energy and nuts for protein, fat and vitamins. My choice? Rice cakes with cashew nut butter and a BIG glass of lemon water all taken 90 mins before exercise.

5.  What else have I got lined up?

Some more wakey wakey rise n shine exercises, round and round we go with hoola hoop happiness, slowing it all down with a little yin yoga and lots more…

See you again soon for the next in the series.

Cat Moyle x

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

PS Thanks to Gratisography for the awesome image 🙂

Moving House (Part 1) – Life Lessons #5

Moving House (Part 1) – Life Lessons #5

Welcome back to the Life Lessons series, previous articles have included, what learning to ski teaches you about life and simple wisdom from a genuine Italian mamma

This edition of Life Lessons focuses on that hotly tipped contender for the ‘top 5 most stressful things you can do’: Moving House.  So what can it teach us and how do we do it in a stress free way?  This 2 parter shares some wisdom on that… But first a little context.

I am no stranger to the house move hullabaloo, having hopped from one abode to the next 30 times in 20 years.  Safely ensconced in one home from 0-18 years old, I then spent the following 18+ years making up for lost time, shifting scenery, keys and household routines an average of once every 9 months. No, I was not on the run, under witness protection or constantly evicted for unsociably bad behaviour. I just like change, seek adventure and am enthused by ‘the new’ and all of these moves have helped keep things fresh but now, I gotta say, I would like to stop moving so much. So before the moving stops (this may be the last move for a while) I thought I would share with you some useful lessons. Here is part 1…

1)   Things will get broken/lost/left behind.
This move I unpacked a favourite tea pot, only to find the lid smashed into pieces, my other half has spent the last three days rummaging through boxes looking for the long lost mint plant and we have no idea what happened to one of our favourite t-shirts but if the new owners of our old house find it, we encourage them to enjoy it’s ‘one size fits all’ wonder.

In the stress of moving house, these small things can seem larger than life and twice as heartbreaking as they would on a ‘normal’ (whatever that is) day. It’s worth remembering in these moments that they are just things, objects, inanimate pieces of material and not bodily appendages or in any way personality defining. You will be lighter (see point 2) without them, once you recover from their loss/damage, and will have learnt a little about how you deal with the transient nature of possession, and by extension the transient nature of everything.

2)   Emptying out makes space.
Moving (a lot) is a great lesson in how to throw things away/take them to the charity shop/gift them to a friend.  If you haven’t used something since you moved in to the place you are now moving out of, ditch it.  If its broken, fix it before you move. If its no longer your taste, pass it on. Get clutter clearing into your mentality.  It means less boxes to lug and helps in the same way point 1 helps with detachment. It has been practiced for years by wiser generations than this one. Moreover, it really gets you to reflect on what you really need in life and whether you are being driven by a need to ‘possess’.

3)   Put the box down and play with the hula hoop
Raised with a strong work ethic, the blood of my ‘early to rise, work hard all day, don’t rest till it’s done’ farming ancestors runs rich through my veins. Thankfully, whilst my partner in crime is also a hard worker (much more methodical and practical than me though thank goodness), he has a strong sense of fun to balance him out. So when he starts putting all of his hats on my head and my hula hoop around his waist, I resist the urge to yell ‘stop f*cking about’ and join in his impromptu clowning session. Why? Because play is important.  It brings you back to the moment, it sooths the furrowed brow, reduces raised blood pressure AND it makes you more productive afterwards.

And on that cheerful note… thanks for reading 🙂

Join me for part 2 when we get all serious again..

What busy does to you – and how to escape :)

What busy does to you – and how to escape :)

Glow On – A day for busy people looking for some space

Chances are, at some point this week, you felt like there was a bit too much going on. Some planning ahead, scheduling meetings or organising kids, mixed up with writing a few more things on the to do list, trying to find time to call a friend or cook something wholesome to keep your energy up.

It happens to all of us and, by now, we know some good tricks for balancing that busyness out. Stop, breathe, have a good stretch, pour a glass of wine/water and so on…

Every now and again though it makes sense to take more than 5 minutes to ‘balance out the busy’. With this in mind, I worked closely with a friend and teacher of mine to develop Glow On.  It is our deepest hope that the Glow On days provide you with the right combination of things to do just that. Find some space.  I will come back to the detail of what it is (and what it isn’t) in just a moment.

It’s not an accident I am sat writing this while watching the colours of the ancient city of Valletta melt into warm golds.  I am sat here because I have been compelled to stop by a body that has decided enough is enough today. And if my years as a therapist have taught me nothing else, it’s that our bodies will do that if we don’t work with them.  I ignored my body this week and the culmination of stopping some good habits (yoga, breathing deep, mindful movement) and indulging in some not so good habits (rushing, pushing, not accepting support) has meant my back needs some TLC.  It’ll be fine in a couple of days but right now it needs space to recover, a bit like we all need space to recover from the busyness of things, to recover from what that busyness creates.

Which brings me back to the detail of our Glow On day.

It’s about providing you with space to recover in the following ways.

Space for your body

–       Yoga to open up your body in the morning and end of the day
–       Massage to allow your body to stretch, soften and relax
–       Simple, easy to digest food and drink to give your body a break

Space for your mind

–       Some helpful exercises to empty the mind, rather than fill it with facts, figures and news
–       Mobile phone and wifi free zone to help you switch off

Space for your soul

–       Open space and beautiful views to inspire a different perspective
–       Meditation to feed your soul and give you time to listen

There are some things it wont do…

It won’t cure all, it won’t reduce your to do list, it won’t finish all your projects, feed your kids or phone your friend.  But we really hope it can help you find some space to make all of that feel more manageable, less stressful and more enjoyable.

There are some important details

Its being run by me and the very excellent yoga teacher Michelle Bartolo.

The next one is on 26th April 2014 from 8am to 5.30pm.

It takes place in Sliema.

Its €100 all in (including all food and drink, yoga sessions, guided meditation, writing exercises, massage and goodie bags)

If you would like to join us for the next Glow On day and find some space, get in touch, there will be no weird sales techniques, just a chat about if this day is good for you.

There is a more detailed list of what the day includes here on facebook and in the flyer here.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great day.

Cat x

Why I posted a no make up selfie and why it didn’t have anything to do with cancer

Why I posted a no make up selfie and why it didn’t have anything to do with cancer

What did I do?
Call me a bandwagon junkie but I recently joined the #nomakeupselfie trend on facebook.  Inspired by my gorgeous, with and without make up, sister in law who posted her pic moments before I got nominated by another gorgeous make-up-free goddess to do the same, I dedicated the 5 free minutes I had that day to posing (in the nicest possible light darling) and posting my make up free pic.

What I didn’t do…
I didn’t include links to Cancer Research UK or other cancer charities on my post for two reasons:

  • The no make up selfie trend was not initially triggered by cancer charities… Rather, its popularity was hijacked by CRUK (and their very smart marketing department) as a way of getting people to post their pics in conjuction with donating money to their cause.
  • I have some particular views about medical research into cancer that I will explain shortly.

So why did I do it?
In fact I posted my selfie as a way of celebrating the beauty of woman (and man) kind without ‘gloop’. In honour of Kim Novak, who recently received a twitter battering about her Oscar appearance and to who, some attribute the start of the #nomakeupselfie trend, to this video and to any woman who can’t stare herself straight in the eye in the morning mirror and declare how goddam GORGEOUS she is.

Am I perfect?
No way…. And Yes Way… I only choose to wear make up occasionally and even then try to opt for make up that is good for my skin, not tested on animals and won’t add to our planets toxic load.  But, I do dye my hair (albeit with a natural dye), I currently use an all-kinds-of-wrong mascara (as it was a gift and I want to finish it before buying something cleaner), I pluck the hairs from my face daily (not my favourite part of the day) and I whipped my specs off for the shot (but only so you could see all of my make up free peepers).  But I have gorgeous friends who ‘slap it all on’ before leaving the house (where do they find the time?) or ‘top up’ several times a day and all because they are still on their own journey of learning to love themselves warts and all. So it was for them and any woman who thinks covering up is ever a good route to full honesty about who you are.

What then about makeupfreeforcancer….
So, as I say the makeupfreeselfie wasn’t started by CRUK but they have been savvy enough to work it for their own ends. But here are some reasons why I didn’t donate:

  • I am not a huge fan of medical research, which relies heavily on animal testing.
  • I think the pharamaceutical industry does not always have ‘making people better’ at the heart of its actions
  • I believe a lot of illness is a result of lifestyle choices, toxicity in our lives and a lack of connection with our bodies, rhythms and reactions. I feel sad that extensive research into this side of our wellbeing is lacking in the west.

Instead, I invite you to check out some excellent posts here: and here: about the #makeupfreeselfie and to look…here about medical research that doesn’t use animals:

And here for info about natural ways to beat cancer.

Oh yeah, and back to the point of the post, lets see your #makeupfree honesty image sooooooonnnnnn.

Cat x

With thanks to Hannah Marie Martin and Nicola Carley for their excellently thought provoking blogs 🙂

CleanProgram_Large1 Review for Alternative Review by Butterfly Therapies

Hi folks, click on the image and find out what I thought of the celeb detox stormtrooper ‘Clean’ and enjoy the other nuggets of wisdom this site has to offer 🙂

See you soon for some real time reviews of how the detox feels

Keep it light

C x

If at first you don’t succeed, find out why…

If at first you don’t succeed, find out why…

A few months ago I decided to take a 21 day detox from sugar and all things sugary.  I picked my dates carefully (between my birthday and my partners) and got myself an awesome ‘sugar free buddy’ I read a “how to” guide and compiled my rules and so I began, confident that it wouldn’t be that tough and I would be able to handle the ups and downs.

I posted my progress on my facebook wall from day ones’ enthusiasm, to day fives’ challenging nature, to my acknowledgement that I had found some sugar substitutes and was not being very mindful about consuming those, through the it’s getting quite difficult actually stage, to the rage, to the boredom and then to the SURPRISE… I realised I might not actually do it, that I might give up because I really wanted a glass of wine… because it wasn’t fun and I wasn’t sure what I was getting out of it anyway…

Still I kept going, confident (mostly) that I would complete it and pat myself proudly on the back at the end of the 21 days… and then THE BIG SURPRISE…. I decided to quit quitting. One day (near the end!) I just decided I didn’t want to do it anymore.  I decided that the whole process had made me realise some pretty uncomfortable things about my eating habits and I wanted to retreat into a corner and lick my wounds for a bit.

So I stopped.

I went to a bar and drank some cocktails, I went out for a good old dance and the next day I really felt the sensation of failing.

And now, I am confessing my failure and h0nestly declaring that this failure is good for me.  It made me realise the following important things:

– Detoxes shouldn’t be taken lightly, any shift in behaviour requires effort and attention and should be committed to wholeheartedly

– Having a buddy really helped, it helped me not quit sooner, it helped me share my ups and downs in a constructive way, it helped me be honest about the whole process.

– I comfort eat and this is not an easy thing to address but I honestly don’t think I would have realised that in such detail had I not started (and failed to finish) this detox.

– I would like to drastically reduce my intake of sugar (and sugary things and most importantly alcohol) and that, my friends, is going to take some serious effort on my part.

I hope to share with you any insights I get from taking more sugar out of my diet, for good, not just for 21 days.

Thanks for following, let me know your thoughts.

Love and lite


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