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What are you trying to achieve? 

Better energy: to get up, get going and keep going through your busy day?

Better immunity: so you can avoid getting struck down with every illness doing the rounds?

Better eating habits: kicking sugar and carbohydrate cravings or just getting more excited about fruit and vegetables?

Better moods and a calmer mind: to stop stress from taking hold?

A body that feels amazing: strong, supple and supercharged?

Even more radiant skin: so you glow?

How about some ‘easy-to handle-help’ to get you started or keep you on track?

Butterfly Therapies is excited to introduce you to Glow On which offers a range of programmes and retreats to do just that. Our programmes are shaped and driven by the knowledge, experience and expertise of committed health and wellbeing professionals from the fields of Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Massage Therapy. Energy Work, Nutrition and Detoxification.

Read my blog post about it here.

Check out our the facebook page for the details or call me on +356 9964 6166.

We look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Cat (Butterfly Therapies) and Michelle (Michelle Bartolo Yoga)

with thanks to http://www.flickr.com/photos/audreyjm529/408154347/ for the original image (via Creative Commons)