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How to be the Illest – Ninja Skills for Sick Days

Unless your name is hypochondria (and if it is, it’s probably about time you had a chat with your namegivers) you will probably face illness with the same grumpy face I was sporting earlier this month.

That’s me… Ill + Grumpy!

And any notion that being ill is remotely a good thing took me a good month (of relentless off- on illness ffs) to get to.  Especially for a self employed healthy health advisor / bodyworker / person to whom questions about how to achieve optimal health are posed… !

Being ill wasn’t good for my pocket / my street cred / my general happiness / my relationship (because of the impact on my general happiness) or my finely tuned schedule of infinite plans, so I resisted and grumped for as long as possible before settling on these gems…

1. Rest is Best

I, of course, cancelled my client sessions (no one wants someone else’s germs and massaging with a runny nose is not considered a desirable skill in a massage therapist. Meantime, I tried stoically to get on with the laundry/admin/accounts/VAT dept negotiations/social media updates/license law analysis/research into venues for upcoming workshops etc etc etc. In short, I tried to use the time to do all the non hands-on work associated with being a hands-on therapist. And in doing so…

I blatantly ignored the advice I share with others about resting when you are ill. Which made me iller (not the good kind of iller)… 

Why is rest best?

Because your body is busy channeling its energy resources into the department of your immune system and does not always have spare capacity for excessive movement, mental stress, extended screen-time etc etc.

“Give your immune system the management support it needs and ease off the other tasks till it’s done”.

And in resting, we surrender to what is happening, rather than trying to fight which will just tense us up, restrict us and not allow the flu to flow merrily on its way…

But bear in mind the following (not contradictory, rather complementary) suggestion…

2. Pop that placebo several times a day

There’s a whole bunch of research into what makes a super strong immune system and most of it suggests its a wildly complicated combination of factors from genetics to stress levels, from good or poor digestion to blood pressure, from diet to hydration levels, from chemical exposure to how we breathe. It’s strikes me that there is no magic formula so why not throw everything at it… including healthy thoughts.

Bruce Liptons Biology of Belief work dives deeply into this subject, more anecdotal evidence from Grandmothers refusing to believe they are ill and refusing to let their offspring even feign illness.  So whilst I’m not saying you should be in denial…I am saying…

“plug some positivity into that vagus nerve… meditate on feeling well, send healthy images into your body, believe you are better”.

3. Fuel up wisely my friend

Ok so you might not have enough energy to make anything more than cheese sandwiches and cups of tea with biscuits. And you might feel like cake and chocolate and angel delight. But, like I said, we need to keep the body focused on the job at hand and handling sugar peaks n troughs, caffeine overdose and too much dairy mary (or any foods to which you might be sensitive) is going to divert the bodies energy from repairing your inflamed sinuses/sore throat/throbbing head/fractured fibula/snotty brain/insert symptom here/.

Similarly the body needs as much nutritional power as possible and it might struggle to find sufficient vitamin c (essential in illness) in a jam tart.

Use your one burst of energy to chop veg and stick them in a broth to make a big pot of soup that will last you a few days. Get as many goddamn greens in there as you can stand and don’t boil them to death.

“Let Hippocrate’s wisdom be your mantra…”

And make sure you hydrate properly too.

4. Learn to receive

Oh yeah, that old chestnut again. For the care-takers in the crowd you know what I’m saying here… let yourself be looked after. Don’t be the miserable martyr. Ask for a cup of tea on a tray in bed please. Request that someone else sort out the ironing thank you.

“and for sure when help is offered. ACCEPT IT”

I harp on a lot about the circle. By this I mean the circle of support we are all part of in some way. Remember the last ten times you allowed someone to lean on you? Well now it’s your turn. Remember how good it is to feel supportive to someone? Allow someone the gift of supporting you.

5. Let the music move you…

If you didn’t get the hippity hoppity references in this post yet, remind me to post more about music to help your education… but someway through one of my sicky sick days a tune came on the radio that conjoured up a hundred happy memories and I found myself with enough energy to get up out of the bed, potter down to make the soup in point 3 and even have a little barefoot shuffle about, moving fluid, muscles, tissues and cells, gently about my body, so just as the puddle doesn’t spawn life… the gently moving river has a world of wildlife in it’s waves.

“Be the river… not the puddle…”

But don’t forget to honour the start of this post…

I hope you have found this useful. If you have any suggestions to add to this small selection, feel free to share them in the comments below or with me directly.

Thank you for your attention.

With love Cat Moyle

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

+356 9964 6166

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