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The perfect lunchtime recipe – Life Lessons #4 (from the Chalet)

The perfect lunchtime recipe – Life Lessons #4 (from the Chalet)

As the last ski tourists are boarding the buses home, as the ski boots and goggles are cleaned and packed away for another year and as this seasons stories are shared one last time over a final vin chaud, we find ourselves reminiscing about our alpine adventures and the food that has accompanied them.

The first few weeks up the mountain revealed a somewhat limited array of menu options, and for one who doesn’t relish dining on swine, the fact that almost every dish contained pig in some form (even if it didn’t say so in the menu) became a tad tiresome.  Furthermore, if you are a cheese free zone, then these are not the restaurants you are looking for. At least back in the comfort of home, the fayre was a great deal more wholesome.

So with health (and pockets) in mind, we opted out of mountain restaurant dining early on in the season and became the Lord and Lady of Sandwich.   With the lessons from Veronica clearly in mind, we poured love into every tomato slice, lettuce leaf, avocado segment and crack of black pepper.  We honoured the great bakers of France and the olive oil pressers of Italy and we wrapped our sandwiches with all the care and attention we could muster before placing them gently in the days rucksack and like bold explorers heading off in search of the perfect sandwich spot.

Overlooking the magnificent Mont Blanc, amongst the trees on the Morillon Marvel run, on the sun drenched terrace at the Refuge du Bostan or avalanche watching at the Cirque du Fer a Cheval.  After breathing in the fresh mountain air and exercising our limbs with hours of ski, snowshoe and trekking, our simple sandwiches became injected with the magic of mother nature and the lunchtime feast for the senses became a meditation. And it is this that made the lunchtimes we loved the most.  Not cutlery and crockery and are you being served.  Not tables of tourists and sachets of mayonnaise but nourishment for the soul on all levels and not a tartiflette in sight.

Of course when we were lucky enough to be treated to an alfresco lunch at the Gite du Lac De Gers , where the alpine fayre is delicious and healthy (red wine IS good for you) and you know the kitchen is run on love, and the view is second to none and the ski in and out (complete with skidoo taxi) makes you feel thrilled to be alive… we reckon we found the perfect lunchtime recipe.

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