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Making the First Move: Getting Primitive

Making the First Move: Getting Primitive
Welcome to the Move Your Body Blog Post Series

High up the list in my top 10 things to do for your health is… Move Your Body. So time to take my own good advice and Move My Body for the Butterfly Therapies Blog.

But rather than bore you all with the usual ‘get lycra’d up, get running, feel awesome’, exercise posts people usually write, I want to share with you something a little deeper, so this series will bring you a range of interesting, exciting and unusual activities that not only move your body but work to shake you up on other levels too

So my first Move Your Body post shares with you the awesomeness of rising with the sun, going primitive and hunting down your inner chicken.

Move Your Body Series # 1: Get Primitive
  1. How did I move my body?

On the morning in question, actually before sunrise, I find myself up, dressed and preparing a light breakfast* I had been invited to a Primal Flow Personal Training Session with the excellently fit Pam Borg (If anyone is gonna get me up at that time I want someone who looks like they practice what they preach and Pam is exactly that.)

I meet Pam about 90 minutes after my breakfast (time to digest please) at the lovely Palace Hotel gym and she starts me with a gentle warm up on the rowing machine. 5 minutes later I am indeed warm and rosy cheeked so we move onto some stretches, which Pam describes as giving yourself a little massage… awwww.

Then it’s primal time. Based on our primitive movements and in line with the functional training model, the primal flow session finds me crouching, stretching, squatting, reaching. It includes plenty of core work and some moves that remind me of yoga. The flow element is in the creative way Pam links different moves together (her dance background evident in the choreography) to build the intensity. So we start off doing one move (move A) for a few seconds, then pause. Then she adds another move (move B) so we do moves A and B a few times over then pause, then she adds move C and so on until 4 of 5 different moves are linked together and repeated to raise your heart-rate and work your whole body. We work through several different series of moves throughout the session and then finish with some lovely stretches.

  1. In a nutshell?

The result is an hour of cardio, core, strength and stretching work which flies by as you focus on learning and adding in each new move. What helps is that Pam is great at explaining and demonstrating the moves, gently correcting alignment and calling out encouraging words when I look like I want to give up. I’m impressed by how much fun it is but also by how hard I worked (yes I felt it the next morning) without feeling like I had done an arduous (and dull) hour long treadmill run.

  1. Three Awesome things about my session
  • Mind-Body Workout: Primal flow is a great all-body cardio workout that engages your brain and co-ordination so you don’t realise how hard you are working. Fuelling both the mind and body left me feeling sharp and focused all day.
  • Fast and Fascinating: the variety of moves and Pam’s energy to keep things moving along meant there wasn’t a moment of mid-workout boredom. If you are an easily bored exerciser, primal flow is perfect.
  • Better Than Coffee: Morning exercise is way better than coffee for waking you up. I am not my finest in the morning. The snooze button is a little worn down from overuse and each day there is a battle of wills that takes place between me and my ‘just 5 more minutes’ demon. But all day after the morning training I was full of energy AND found it easier to get up the next morning. There are also a myriad other benefits to morning exercise more of which we will explore in future Move Your Body posts.
  1. Important things to note

Pam starts evening Primal Flow classes this week. For more info go here.

Morning PT sessions can be arranged with Pam: see here or by calling +356 9924 7118

*Pre workout breakfast consisted of some carbs for energy and nuts for protein, fat and vitamins. My choice? Rice cakes with cashew nut butter and a BIG glass of lemon water all taken 90 mins before exercise.

5.  What else have I got lined up?

Some more wakey wakey rise n shine exercises, round and round we go with hoola hoop happiness, slowing it all down with a little yin yoga and lots more…

See you again soon for the next in the series.

Cat Moyle x

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

PS Thanks to Gratisography for the awesome image 🙂

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