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Moving House (Part 2) – Life Lessons #5

Moving House (Part 2) – Life Lessons #5

A recent house move (number 30 in 20 years) Inspired this 2 part blog post about what the whole process can teach us. If you haven’t already, check in with part 1 and read on…

4)  Salute Major Change and Corporal Chaos

Lets face it, there is a reason that moving house ranks so highly in the stressful life events chart. It’s not just about carrying boxes or putting old clothes in new drawers, there’s a major change happening.

You are moving on from one set of life happenings and although you are doing this every year, every week and even every moment, house moves (along with birthdays, new year etc) bring this home (excuse the pun) more acutely.

You may (if you follow the advice in part 1) be letting go of old possessions and whilst this is a good thing, it’s still a change to be acknowledged.

Your routines (getting to work, doing the laundry in a different way, taking the tea cups from the cupboard) are all new and our automated habits have to be relearned. How many of you moved house and suddenly found yourself on a road back to your old house or opening a cupboard where the mugs would have been in your old place had you still lived there… Thankfully, we are adaptable beings and can quickly learn new habits and the great thing about moving is that is shakes our automatic behaviours up a bit. So that’s good, but its also a change to be aware of.  It’s interesting to observe how making these new habits makes you feel to learn how you handle change… in home and life.

And in the middle of all that change there is the limbo land of mid move and the chaos it can bring…

5)  Let it be stressful

There may be a moment, mid move… surrounded by boxes, dust, old/new, change, memories, emotions, no tea pot lid etc etc where it might feel a bit much. I’m not ashamed to admit that I sat amongst the dust in our new place and wept as the whole thing seemed never ending. Fed up with moving, no longer full of energy about the whole thing and a million miles from being playful about the process, I cried real sobbing, snotty tears. For about 10 minutes. Hopeless self pity washed over me and I really felt like everything was impossible. And this is a good thing…

Why? Because it lets the feeling move through you so you can get over it (quicker) and move on. So if you have that moment… a) acknowledge how you are feeling b) give it a word/phrase c) be compassionate with yourself that you feel that way and d) feel the wave of emotion pass through you.

I am definitely not saying be a drama king or queen with tantrums and demands that everyone else sort you out, nor am I saying wallow for days in self pity at how you can’t fit your vast shoe collection in the new shoe cabinet (this was not why I wept but if that’s your tipping point then let it be), I am just saying be with the emotions that come up just like in an amanae therapy session.

And finally, the wisest words of all come from a friend and very excellent yoga teacher.

6)  Know that home is from head to toe (and a bit beyond)

One of the reasons moving can be stressful is the changes it throws at us all in one go and the energetic impact it has on how safe/secure/stable we feel (all illusions but sometimes helpful ones). Moving, and the energy we use to do it, can wobble our root chakra and make us feel all kinds of ungrounded. We are literally uprooting ourselves. So try this to reconnect you to your only real home (in this lifetime at least).

The ‘this house move malarky is all getting a bit much’ meditation.

Sit (amidst the boxes if need be)

Close your eyes

Place your hands at the front of your hips/top of your thighs

Take a few deep breaths all the way out first, then all the way in

Then as you breathe in, imagine your breath is the colour red

Follow the red breath as it travels down your body into you hips

Let the breath ‘meet’ your hands and observe how the area under your hands feels

Breathe out

Breathe in red again, down to your hands, picture that red breath spreading through your pelvis

Watch as the red breath fills the diamond shaped area between your sitting bones (tops of legs at the back), tail bone (bottom of spine) and pubic bone (front of pelvis)

Breathe out

Breathe in red again down to the diamond shape between the sitting bones, tail bone and pubic bone, then watch the red travel down your legs into your feet.

Breathe out

Breathe in red again, down to the diamond and watch the red breath float up through your torso into your heart

Breathe out

Breathe in red, down to the diamond and then scoop the breath up into your head

Breathe out

Breathe in

Follow the red breath down to your diamond, and watch as, from there it fills your entire body down to your toes, up to your torso, into your heart, down your arms and finally up into your head

Breathe out

Breathe in, feeling your whole body full of the strength and power of your root chakra, the strong red colour that keeps you connected to the earth and the sense that your whole body feels safe and secure and supported

Know that this is your real home.

Breathe out and in here for as long as you want

When you are done, carefully open your eyes, stretch and carry on with packing/unpacking/making the tea observing how you now feel in your body…

I hope you find this useful.

I will be posting more about being in your experiences and keeping connected to your body soon so watch this space and if you are moving house and need some time out, you know where I am.

With love


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