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If at first you don’t succeed, find out why…

If at first you don’t succeed, find out why…

A few months ago I decided to take a 21 day detox from sugar and all things sugary.  I picked my dates carefully (between my birthday and my partners) and got myself an awesome ‘sugar free buddy’ I read a “how to” guide and compiled my rules and so I began, confident that it wouldn’t be that tough and I would be able to handle the ups and downs.

I posted my progress on my facebook wall from day ones’ enthusiasm, to day fives’ challenging nature, to my acknowledgement that I had found some sugar substitutes and was not being very mindful about consuming those, through the it’s getting quite difficult actually stage, to the rage, to the boredom and then to the SURPRISE… I realised I might not actually do it, that I might give up because I really wanted a glass of wine… because it wasn’t fun and I wasn’t sure what I was getting out of it anyway…

Still I kept going, confident (mostly) that I would complete it and pat myself proudly on the back at the end of the 21 days… and then THE BIG SURPRISE…. I decided to quit quitting. One day (near the end!) I just decided I didn’t want to do it anymore.  I decided that the whole process had made me realise some pretty uncomfortable things about my eating habits and I wanted to retreat into a corner and lick my wounds for a bit.

So I stopped.

I went to a bar and drank some cocktails, I went out for a good old dance and the next day I really felt the sensation of failing.

And now, I am confessing my failure and h0nestly declaring that this failure is good for me.  It made me realise the following important things:

– Detoxes shouldn’t be taken lightly, any shift in behaviour requires effort and attention and should be committed to wholeheartedly

– Having a buddy really helped, it helped me not quit sooner, it helped me share my ups and downs in a constructive way, it helped me be honest about the whole process.

– I comfort eat and this is not an easy thing to address but I honestly don’t think I would have realised that in such detail had I not started (and failed to finish) this detox.

– I would like to drastically reduce my intake of sugar (and sugary things and most importantly alcohol) and that, my friends, is going to take some serious effort on my part.

I hope to share with you any insights I get from taking more sugar out of my diet, for good, not just for 21 days.

Thanks for following, let me know your thoughts.

Love and lite