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Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 6 – Disconnect

Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 6 – Disconnect

Ok so this post is inspired by a few good friends who have found themselves without phones recently and have reflected on how that made them feel… backed up by some juicy science obviously 🙂

The wonderful Happiness Hypothesis draws from a myriad scientific studies to tell us how ultra-social we are as a species, meaning we can feel an indirect connection (and even sense of responsibility) to someone we have never met just by knowing someone who knows them. Just think for a moment about how you feel when a friend tells you how they were mistreated by so and so and you form an opinion about that person even without having been personally affected by them.

The power of social media (the facebook-iverse, twittersphere and google, linked in and even tinder networks of the world) draw on that inherent human desire to connect. And it’s wonderful. And amazing things can happen when we connect BUT, there is a physical risk to being constantly plugged in and I recently came across (and shared on my facebook page) an amazing article about that which I encourage you to read…


Once you have got your head out of that piece here are…

Some simple suggestions for disconnecting

– Try NOT replying to a text message or email as soon as you receive it and see how that feels. Are you able to forget about it or does it occupy your mind? Consider how you feed the connection and what energy that takes. (Obviously if it’s an emergency, answer it!!)

– When you are asked a question you don’t know the answer to…. DON’T google it? Think of other ways to find out? What creative solutions can you come up with like, ring your Mum (and have a chat in the meantime), or delve into your vast memory and see if you can remember the answer (you might surprise yourself what you find in there), or try to work it out using your brain and see what hilarious answers you conjour up. You don’t always need to be right, right?

– Leave your mobile phone at home sometimes.  Try to go out without it, tell your friends that you will be phoneless in case they are arranging to meet you and can’t make it, but see how spontaneity feels. Who do you meet? What conversations do you have? How do you decide whether to leave or stay? How do you feel without your phone?

– Eat without the TV, radio, computer or mobile phone sharing the dining table. See how it feels to really connect with your food and out my recent post about eating better…

– Switch all electronic devices (phone, laptop, ipad, ipod etc) OFF at least an hour before bed and see how it affects your sleep (read more about that here), Do you feel More rested? More calm? More worried? Lost? Happy?

– Switch off your WiFi at the weekend (and if that thought fills you with dread, really thing about how far your addiction to being ‘on’ goes) and as my favourite childhood TV programme used to say… do something less boring instead, what do you do when there’s no online? Get outside? Play a board game? Talk? Walk? Tell me…

Be free and see if you feel happier and healthier as a result

See you soon for the next instalment.


Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

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