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Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 7 – Be Alone with your Body

Tips for a Healthier Life: Part 7 – Be Alone with your Body

So now you have switched off your wifi, TV, computer and phone you are ready to search for some really interesting updates.

Ever found yourself thinking over and over on something that recently (or even not so recently) happened? Your brain get busy processing and reprocessing an argument you had or mulling over why, in the last meeting you went to, you didn’t get your point across?

Here is a perfect time to be alone with your body and listen to what it has to say.

According to Lee Harris the busy brain is your bodies way of calling your attention to an unresolved issue and, as the bodywork I do on a daily basis shows me, the best way to resolve that is to dive into the body rather than hanging out in mind.

A good friend has a great expression ‘Body is Boss’… she’s right, the body will always know what’s good for the rest of the company, so book yourself a regular meeting with the boss and listen to what she has to say to you.

And the best part is, it’s really easy. But first, here are 5 times you might want to book an emergency meeting with the boss.

When to meet the boss?

1) When you find yourself thinking too much or over analysing

2) When you are experiencing bodily reactions (excessive gas, tiredness, hiccups, a cough, cold or bigger illness)

3) When your relationships with friends, lovers, family or going through a tricky phase

4) When you have a major life change happening (pregnancy, house move, bereavement, new job, separation etc etc)

5) When you are faced with a big decision

How to be alone with your body.

Sit comfortably or lay down

Close your eyes

Rest (not press) one hand on your belly

And the other one over your heart area

Breathe in for five counts and out for seven, as slowly as you can about three times.

Find your quietest self and ask in a whisper “What does my body need?”

Keep gently asking the same question and listening to the answers, even if it seems absurd.

Listen as carefully as you can to what your body needs… It might be a walk, more vigorous exercise, a rest, a massage, a facial, a long bath, an early night, a good cry, a laugh, a scream, a conversation with a loved one…. let whatever arises move through you, try not to hold anything in.

Ask again “What does my body need?”

Keep asking and listening to the answers that arise.

Until you feel you are done.

Then take a deep breath in and a slow breath out.

Thank your body for everything it does.

Then, with a quieter mind and clearer steer from the boss, you can choose if you need to continue acting on any important things that came up, or if it makes sense to contact a good therapist if you feel like you need some external help, or simply to just check back in with the boss again tomorrow.

I hope this helps.

See you next time for some tips on the importance of expression.

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

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