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Not sure what treatment to choose?  
Click here for some helpful information about the different therapies and their benefits.

Intuitive Bodywork Sessions

Using a range of physical (massage, therapeutic touch, acupressure, myofascial release), energetic (reiki) meditative (mindfulness, yoga nidra, taoist approaches) coaching and releasing techniques to unwind the body, let go of tension on all levels & create space.

60 minute session €60
75 minute session €65 
90 minute session €70 
120 minute session €100

Amanae Image Butterfly TherapiesAmanae

Amanae works deeply with emotion & trauma, it is a form of bodywork which combines pressure to certain points of the body, deep breathing & energy work. You can read more about it here & contact me to discuss how it might benefit you.

Heart Opening Session €70
Full Session €100
Follow Up Sessions €90

Single Technique Sessions

Using classic Swedish Massage techniques, adapted to suit your preferred pressure and requirements, this massage will relax you, relax your muscles & leave you feeling brand new.  We can target this massage to treat tired or aching muscles, tension related headaches, sore limbs & back pain.

Targeted Session 60 minutes €60
 75 minutes €65 
Full Body Session: 90 minutes €70


A relaxing foot massage, based on the principle that every part of the body is reflected on the feet. A natural pain reliever, ideal for de-stressing or alleviating the impact of stress related illness, also popular amongst those trying to get pregnant.

60 minutes €60


An ‘energy’ treatment, really relaxing and suitable for the emotional ups and downs of life.  If you are anxious, grieving or feeling stuck or are going through a phase where you can’t sleep or seem to keep getting ill, this treatment could be beneficial for you.

60 minutes €60


Prepay 9 treatments and receive one for free (non transferrable, 12 month limit, only one package per customer at one time)

10 x 60mins = €540 
10 x 75mins = €585 
10 x 90mins = €630

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Other things to note:

Yes you can buy vouchers for any treatment or value, just ask.

Treatments are available for children (under 11) and babies on request.

Please note, if you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, the charge is 75% of the treatment cost unless I can fill your appointment (which I will always try to do)

All prices include VAT @ 18%

Please also note – none of the treatments are sexual in nature, anyone found soliciting sex or behaving in a sexual way will be reported to the police.