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What busy does to you – and how to escape :)

What busy does to you – and how to escape :)

Glow On – A day for busy people looking for some space

Chances are, at some point this week, you felt like there was a bit too much going on. Some planning ahead, scheduling meetings or organising kids, mixed up with writing a few more things on the to do list, trying to find time to call a friend or cook something wholesome to keep your energy up.

It happens to all of us and, by now, we know some good tricks for balancing that busyness out. Stop, breathe, have a good stretch, pour a glass of wine/water and so on…

Every now and again though it makes sense to take more than 5 minutes to ‘balance out the busy’. With this in mind, I worked closely with a friend and teacher of mine to develop Glow On.  It is our deepest hope that the Glow On days provide you with the right combination of things to do just that. Find some space.  I will come back to the detail of what it is (and what it isn’t) in just a moment.

It’s not an accident I am sat writing this while watching the colours of the ancient city of Valletta melt into warm golds.  I am sat here because I have been compelled to stop by a body that has decided enough is enough today. And if my years as a therapist have taught me nothing else, it’s that our bodies will do that if we don’t work with them.  I ignored my body this week and the culmination of stopping some good habits (yoga, breathing deep, mindful movement) and indulging in some not so good habits (rushing, pushing, not accepting support) has meant my back needs some TLC.  It’ll be fine in a couple of days but right now it needs space to recover, a bit like we all need space to recover from the busyness of things, to recover from what that busyness creates.

Which brings me back to the detail of our Glow On day.

It’s about providing you with space to recover in the following ways.

Space for your body

–       Yoga to open up your body in the morning and end of the day
–       Massage to allow your body to stretch, soften and relax
–       Simple, easy to digest food and drink to give your body a break

Space for your mind

–       Some helpful exercises to empty the mind, rather than fill it with facts, figures and news
–       Mobile phone and wifi free zone to help you switch off

Space for your soul

–       Open space and beautiful views to inspire a different perspective
–       Meditation to feed your soul and give you time to listen

There are some things it wont do…

It won’t cure all, it won’t reduce your to do list, it won’t finish all your projects, feed your kids or phone your friend.  But we really hope it can help you find some space to make all of that feel more manageable, less stressful and more enjoyable.

There are some important details

Its being run by me and the very excellent yoga teacher Michelle Bartolo.

The next one is on 26th April 2014 from 8am to 5.30pm.

It takes place in Sliema.

Its €100 all in (including all food and drink, yoga sessions, guided meditation, writing exercises, massage and goodie bags)

If you would like to join us for the next Glow On day and find some space, get in touch, there will be no weird sales techniques, just a chat about if this day is good for you.

There is a more detailed list of what the day includes here on facebook and in the flyer here.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great day.

Cat x