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What to do when the energy gets funky – contains video post

What to do when the energy gets funky – contains video post

One of the wonderful things about the transformational bodywork I’m practicing is that it allows those of you who come for a session to work deeply. Deeply into the physical body, deeply into the emotional body.

We touch on that ever-so-difficult-thing-to-define, energy. We work to get the energy going, flowing, moving as it likes. Some people experience this as heat (or cold), vibrations (and shaking), sounds or words and a host of other physical sensation in their cells.

Sometimes after a session, people feel more sensitive to the world around them and as a result can find it harder to be in certain company than before or have more (or less) tolerance for certain situations. More on why that might be another time…

This happened to a guy who came for an amanae session recently and so he said “I think I need some help handling that, I feel like I need to protect myself better”. As often happens, in the weeks that followed, a flurry of similar requests came in and so it got me thinking about the topic of ‘protection’ from others energy.

So, this post is in response to a client who asked for some advice on ‘protecting’ his energy, or rather how to handle the energy when it gets a bit funky…. I talk about why I don’t think we need protecting, the nature of energy and include the tricks I use to keep my energy clear so I don’t wobble (as much as I used to).

First of all I talk a little bit about Amanae

Then the tips I share (after I talk about the nature of energy, why I think we don’t need protection and why I think we need to get comfortable with change) are:

Meditation – quieting down my mind so I can listen to my body (the ultimate energy antenna) and make conscious, not habitual, choices. That means I can leave the party early if I’m not in the mood. I can say no to coffee with the person I feel uncomfortable around. I can leave the relationship that feels tiring. Meditation, for me, is about getting so quiet you can hear yourself. It’s also a solitary activity, I find it a helpful way of getting used to the idea of being completely alone so the thought of leaving a friendship/relationship isn’t so unsettling anymore.

Good food – avoiding foods that make too much ‘noise’ in the body, allergens, stimulants (coffee/tea), strong foods that create gas/indigestion, alcohol etc etc. Whilst I love food, I have found that some foods are more ‘friendly’ to my vessel than others. That doesn’t mean I wont ever eat blue cheese for pleasure again, just that it’s probably best avoided right before a socially demanding day.

Water in the body –bodies needs lot of water. I can’t think/see/function straight if I’m thirsty. I get confused and tired and that’s not helpful for my energy levels or my focus.

Water on the body – my end of work routine involves a long long (till the hot water runs out) shower. You’ll see water pop up again in the second list. I think my end of day shower is partly about being ‘alone’, partly about the metaphysical ‘washing off of the day’, partly pavlovian (I have done it for so many years now I automatically associate it with moving from work mode to a different state of being), and partly because of the cleansing power of the water (see the second list)

Sounds – the long end of work shower is often accompanied with some noise making (sometimes singing, sometimes yelling, sometimes ‘toning’ or saying ohhhmmmmmmm at the top of my voice, sometimes speaking out words, sometimes hissing). There is something about the vibrations that happen when I make sound that feel like I’m cleaning things from the inside out, shaking out the vocal chords and muscles of the throat, chest and face. It feels pretty relaxing and releasing.

Exercise – in my case, yoga and more recently running, which reminds me of the ground, makes me feel like I’m fully ‘in my body’. A feeling some people describe as grounded.

Things that are reported to clean the energy field

Smudging/incense smoke – waft this around you, around the room
Salt/salt water – swim in it, wash in it
Crystals – if thats your thing

The ‘Is this Mine’ practice

When you feel something that doesn’t feel good energetically, if you feel heavy in someone’s company or start to feel scared or angry or other emotions when you are not sure why… close your eyes, get quiet and ask yourself

“Is this mine?”

If, when you ask the question, you feel a change, you feel lighter, you can’t connect with it clearly it’s probably not yours.

If, however you as the question and you suddenly feel heavier, or like you hear a strong yes in your cells, or it becomes clear to you what the ‘thing’ is. Then it’s probably yours to work with.

Hope that helps, get in touch with any questions or if you need advice.

With love Cat Moyle

Holistic Body Worker and Wellbeing Adviser on the Island of Malta

+356 9964 6166

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