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Why I posted a no make up selfie and why it didn’t have anything to do with cancer

Why I posted a no make up selfie and why it didn’t have anything to do with cancer

What did I do?
Call me a bandwagon junkie but I recently joined the #nomakeupselfie trend on facebook.  Inspired by my gorgeous, with and without make up, sister in law who posted her pic moments before I got nominated by another gorgeous make-up-free goddess to do the same, I dedicated the 5 free minutes I had that day to posing (in the nicest possible light darling) and posting my make up free pic.

What I didn’t do…
I didn’t include links to Cancer Research UK or other cancer charities on my post for two reasons:

  • The no make up selfie trend was not initially triggered by cancer charities… Rather, its popularity was hijacked by CRUK (and their very smart marketing department) as a way of getting people to post their pics in conjuction with donating money to their cause.
  • I have some particular views about medical research into cancer that I will explain shortly.

So why did I do it?
In fact I posted my selfie as a way of celebrating the beauty of woman (and man) kind without ‘gloop’. In honour of Kim Novak, who recently received a twitter battering about her Oscar appearance and to who, some attribute the start of the #nomakeupselfie trend, to this video and to any woman who can’t stare herself straight in the eye in the morning mirror and declare how goddam GORGEOUS she is.

Am I perfect?
No way…. And Yes Way… I only choose to wear make up occasionally and even then try to opt for make up that is good for my skin, not tested on animals and won’t add to our planets toxic load.  But, I do dye my hair (albeit with a natural dye), I currently use an all-kinds-of-wrong mascara (as it was a gift and I want to finish it before buying something cleaner), I pluck the hairs from my face daily (not my favourite part of the day) and I whipped my specs off for the shot (but only so you could see all of my make up free peepers).  But I have gorgeous friends who ‘slap it all on’ before leaving the house (where do they find the time?) or ‘top up’ several times a day and all because they are still on their own journey of learning to love themselves warts and all. So it was for them and any woman who thinks covering up is ever a good route to full honesty about who you are.

What then about makeupfreeforcancer….
So, as I say the makeupfreeselfie wasn’t started by CRUK but they have been savvy enough to work it for their own ends. But here are some reasons why I didn’t donate:

  • I am not a huge fan of medical research, which relies heavily on animal testing.
  • I think the pharamaceutical industry does not always have ‘making people better’ at the heart of its actions
  • I believe a lot of illness is a result of lifestyle choices, toxicity in our lives and a lack of connection with our bodies, rhythms and reactions. I feel sad that extensive research into this side of our wellbeing is lacking in the west.

Instead, I invite you to check out some excellent posts here: and here: about the #makeupfreeselfie and to look…here about medical research that doesn’t use animals: http://www.drhadwentrust.org/

And here for info about natural ways to beat cancer.

Oh yeah, and back to the point of the post, lets see your #makeupfree honesty image sooooooonnnnnn.

Cat x

With thanks to Hannah Marie Martin and Nicola Carley for their excellently thought provoking blogs 🙂